Greenpine Entertainment is the exclusive feature movie distributor of all and any Turkish movies from Turkey and Europe. Partnering with our sister company AF-Media in Europe and Asia, we are part of the biggest Turkish film distribution network in the world.

Our name derives from the sobriquet "Yeşilçam" referred to the Turkish film art and industry which literally translates to "Green Pine". It is an important part of Turkish culture, and has flourished over the years, delivering entertainment to audiences in Turkey, expatriates across the world, and more recently prospering across the Middle East and Balkans.

In addition to distributing the best that the Turkish film industry has to offer, Greenpine Entertainment also is the exclusive operator of all the in cinema advertising for these movies.

Currently Greenpine Entertainment has an exclusivity arrangement with United Cinemas Australia across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, with an affiliation with Galata Film in Sydney.

Please feel free to contact us either via email via our official Facebook page or callus on 0477 124 535.


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